have lots of fun in our box session

BOX Family Photoshoot

The box is a large custom made box which stands around 50cms from the floor that you step into. The box is large enough to fit a family of Four into, but you do not all need to be in the box at the same time. The framed image at the top of this page is made up of 9 individual box photos to create one large square photo. Having the subjects look and do certain things gives the appearance they are interacting with the next box below, above or by the side. Following the photo session, many hours of work is spent on cleaning up the images and creating the composite. ( It is a long process )

How much fun is this! Visit the studio and have fun inside the box. This photo session is a series of fun styled shots composited together to create something unique and a finished image to treasure forever. You can bring fun in your own unique way, play around with themes, props or just think outside of the box for something silly and fun. I will of course be guiding you all the way and will also be giving ideas.